about the studio


About the studio

Latitude for vision, Room for innovation

For us, a constructive working atmosphere is simultaneously requirement and obligation. From the implementation of qbic to the arrangement of its environment, we feel closely linked to Bauhaus’ New Objectivity. The Weimar school’s goal was to emancipate the arts and architecture from industrialisation. Our new production concept has newly defined the Bauhaus approach for the 21st century.

True to the maxim: from the workshop to the world – open to new ideas, off the beaten track. Modelled on a classical think tank.

Daily exchange – external as well as internal – is an elementary corner stone of our company philosophy. Even the production components of qbic emerge on-site through productive team work. The pleasure of puzzling and creative work are always at the forefront. Thus each member of our staff is a guarantee for the diligence and quality that lies behind the name qbic. Qbic is harbinger of a future generation of design objects that redefine individuality. Our selection is subject to constant updates and expansion. With our multifaceted production process, our potentialities are nearly limitless.