the process


There can only be one

A first ever: the serial production of unique pieces

Qbic is the result of many years of creative processes. The result was a true unicum with a hard shell, but an unmistakable core.

What are its unique characteristics? An entirely unique production process, allowing for the serial production of unica. Up to eleven membranes within a master cast are inserted into the mould. The dynamic of the entire procedure is manually controlled and guarantees the uniqueness of each specimen. In this manner components and the entire product emerge from a single operation.

The attractiveness of Qbic is not only the result of its development or architectural appearance. The high-quality material used to manufacture it also captivates the beholder. The carefully produced unit of cast ceramics gives a nice smooth feeling to your sense of touch. The best organic top-quality pigments are used for the coloration of Qbic, which do not fade even after years of use. Out of conviction, we take care to use alternative production methods in harmony with nature. Qbic is purely high-quality work “Handmade in Germany”.

To ensure that the owner remains satisfied with the product even after many years of use, each qbic is diligently examined before delivery and only leaves the factory if it fully complies with the demanding requirements.